Guangdong Simcheng Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd

SIMCHENG locating at Shishan Technology Industry Zone, Foshan, China, has won the honor of Nanhai Famous Brand Enterprise, Project Eagle Enterprise, National invisible champion of Nanhai manufacturing industry . It’s also the first professional manufacturer in China for high-end & wide width cast film line, and one of the equipment & service supplier for world class high-end cast film line as well as group leader of National Standard Working Group .

SIMCHENG has won the honor of China’s Well-known Trademark, the Famous Brand of Guangdong Province, Famous Brand Products of Guangdong Province, involving the industry of flexible packaging film, new energy film, ,environmental protection film, sanitary material film, automobile and architecture material film, functional film, etc Main products includes : Multi- layer co-extrusion cast film line, Bi-oriented film line, Solar battery encapsulation film line, Safety glass interlayer film line, Environmental protection film line.


Since its establishment, SIMCHENG has been adhering to “Focus on customer service, to be a respected world-class enterprise” quality policy. Grasp the quality , pay much attention to the innovation, and guide the revolution of upgrading for domestic cast film line, Strive to create a “made in China” national brand.


With sprit of craftsmanship, marketing globally.

Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, SIMCHENG establish business contacts with more than 100 countries around the world and set up sales service center in the four continents, representing the business card of world-class high-class film line, SIMCHENG serve gloablly with stable quality film line and try to be a respected world-class enterprise.


Guangdong Simcheng Plastics Machinery Co. Ltd

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