SIMCHENG locating at Shishan Technology Industry Zone, Foshan, China, has won the honor of Nanhai Famous Brand Enterprise, Project Eagle Enterprise, National Invisible Champion of Nanhai Manufacturing Industry . It’s also the first professional manufacturer in China for high-end & wide width cast film line,   and one of the equipment & service supplier for world class high-end cast film line as well as group leader of National Standard Working Group .

SIMCHENG  has won the honor of   China’s Well-known Trademark, the Famous Brand of Guangdong Province, Famous Brand Products of Guangdong Province, involving the industry of flexible packaging film, new energy film, environmental protection film, sanitary material film, automobile and architecture material film, functional film, etc. Main products includes : Multi- layer co-extrusion cast film line, Bi-oriented film line, Solar battery encapsulation film line, Safety glass interlayer film line, Environmental protection film line.

From 2003 till now, The multi- layer co-extrusion film line which used for food flexible packaging industry completely replaced imported machines and has been sold and served more than 100 countries. The domestic market share has been far ahead for many years, the production and sales volume of high-end & wide width CPP/CPE multi-layer co-extrusion film line has been No.1 in the continuous 10 years in the world.


Since its establishment, SIMCHENG has been  taking “Focus on customer service, to be a respected world-class enterprise” as quality policy.  Grasp the quality , pay much attention to the innovation,  and guide the revolution of upgrading for domestic cast film line, strive to create a “Made in China” national brand.

Now we have established R & D center in Germany, employing local senior engineers to take charge of product research and development; Established enterprise service center in Shanghai to coordinate sales and service for upstream and downstream enterprises in the plastic industry.

Established marketing and service center in Russian, India, Mexico, Japan  with  local staff responsible for the marketing and service in local and surrounding countries. In order to better serving the development of the industry, has hosted 14 consecutive "China plastic industry new materials, new technology, new equipment industry summit” to promote the common and harmonious development of the industry.   




*18 years development history
China’s earliest cast film line manufacturer
*18 years stable running
The first cast film line made in SIMCHENG still runs stably.
*Technology innovation for every two months
Technology update often to follow up step of the market
*New products per year
Maintain good communication with customers, real-time grasp customer needs, annual launch of new product

*More than 1000  senior technologists
Technicians are mostly senior technologists, with deep technical experience and with sprit of innovation.
*Cooperation with 4 famous organizations from Germany, Japan and China . Technical strength has always been in the forefront of the times.
*First class service team
Supply first class, prompt professional diagnosis service.
*Work with more than 1000 suppliers globally.
With strong external resources conformity strength, main parts purchased globally to make sure products construct more strong.



Stable quality is the soul of SIMCHENG Cast film line. In the era of product experience winning, good service is the best marketing way of SIMCHENG Brand, which is also the advantage point approved by customers. SCIMEHENG stands in the global vision, connecting the world's industries, with the tough stability as the international business card, with the high quality service for the global industrial benefit empowerment.




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