Double flow channel and big diameter main chill roll

With simple structure, due to installation of water inlet guide and outlet guide, it can effectively reduce the flow resistance inside the chill roller, make the cooling water flowing into the roller more...


Double flow channel and big diameter main chill roll, including roller, inlet guide, outlet guide, inlet shaft head tube and outlet shaft head tube. The main chill roll includes the outer cylinder, the inner cylinder arranged coaxially with the outer cylinder, and a plurality of spiral guide plates arranged between the outer cylinder and inner cylinder. The two adjacent spiral guide plates form a spiral guide groove, the inlet guide and outlet guide are respectively fixed to the two ends of the cylinder,  the inlet and outlet shaft head tube are respectively installed on the inlet and outlet guide. Double flow channel and big diameter main chill roll with simple structure,  due to the installation of the water inlet guide and the water outlet guide, if can effectively reduce the flow resistance inside the chill roller, make the cooling water flowing into the roller more uniform, improve the water supply capacity of the chill roller, improve the cooling efficiency of the chill roller, effectively improve the temperature uniformity of the roller surface and save energy consumption.




 Technical parameters

① Chrome plating on surface,  thickness :  0.1 mm, hardness HRC65, roughness of the roller matt surface : Ra≈0.4
②The concentricity ≤0.03~0.05, the cylindricity ≤0.03~0.05,  roll surface runout ≤0.03~0.05;
③Dynamic balance treatment of roller surface, G6.3 grade, the final imbalance less than 500 g;.
④ Multi-channel structure, right-handed flow channel, active end is the inlet end , test 30 minutes of 1 MPa hydraulic pressure, the welding seam  is impermeable;
 Working pressure ≥0.4 MPa.


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